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Michael Kinch, Author of the BLENDING TIME trilogy

My dad was a jazz musician with wanderlust. When I was a kid we moved from city to city to city . . . I went to 7 or 8 different grade schools so was always the new guy. I was not an honor student but a daydreamer who escaped into fantasy through books and my own scribbled stories and drawings (texting to survive boring classes was not yet invented). Bottom line: my goofing off and avoiding homework didn’t earn me good grades. But somehow I squeaked through grade- and high school . . . barely. After a couple of clueless years in college I realized I had no idea my bugwhat I wanted to be, so dropped out and joined the Army “to see the world.” They taught me Morse Code and shipped me to Germany (yay!) where I was assigned to listen to the “ditty bopping” code of the “bad guys” across the Iron Curtain.Not exciting, but I got a beat-up VW Bug and traveled around Europe on leaves (Army term for “vacations”).

After 3 years of serving Uncle Sam I got my act together got a couple of college degrees; married a lovely girl, Marjorie; then got a  job as a science librarian at an Oregon University.   Margie and I have 2 girls, but no pets ($!&*#@ allergies!).

When not working I wrote unpublished novels, dozens of published journal articles for art magazines (Art was my college minor).

As a librarian with some tech skills, I was chosen to go to East Africa to teach librarians in African at a workshop in Malawi.  This was a thrill of a lifetime and the impressions of Africa and Africans stayed with me and planted the seeds for my novel, The Blending Time.

Below are some photos from my trip:

African market women standing

Women at Saturday Open-Air Market

african woman and child

"Are we there yet?"



african tinsmith

African Tinsmith

Amazing baskets for sale.

Amazing baskets for sale.