by Michael Kinch on December 24, 2013

I’ve read my share of trilogies, and also wrote a dystopian 3-book series–THE BLENDING TIME trilogy. As an author I’ve gotta say I’m leery of a lot of trilogies for a couple of reasons.

1) Sometimes an author writes a really good stand-alone novel, but the editor or publisher thinks the author could continue tail of our hero and heroine. So the author might have to change the ending of the book so reader will want to know what happens in volume 2 and 3. (Not sure why sequels are always trilogies rather than bi-logies or guadilogies!). So some authors pump out books 2 and 3 (usually a year apart), even though they may be pushing themselves. As a reader, I rarely find vols 2 & 3 as good as the first. For me THE MOCKING JAY series was like that. I love Book-1, not so much Book-2, and Book-3 was a big mess in my opinion. Is this due to writer burnout with his/her characters and plot? Or is it reader burnout? Dunno.

2) As a reader it is hard to wait a year for a sequel, and then ANOTHER year for the Final book. Since I’m too impatient, I often wait to read a hot trilogy when all three are in finally in print.

Lately I’ve been sticking with stand-alone novels and loving it. I know the author has thrown her heart into the book, and doesn’t have to hold back material for the sequels. For me its like eating one fine handmade truffle vs having. 3 pieces of pieces of 7-Eleven candy.

Bottom line for moi, I don’t think I’ll ever write another trilogy, and am currently making my draft novel into the best stand-alone book I can. And I will continue to wait until of a series is out before reading it.

But, hey–that’s just me. I know there are avid readers willing to wait (and WAIT) for that next volume to be published. I applaud you patience and anticipation. I hope they pay off.

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