by Michael Kinch on April 11, 2013

The April 2013 issue of VOYA gives a nice review of Book #3 in the BLENDING TIME trilogy published by FLUX.

“The war against the ’gades is at full throttle in this concluding novel to the gritty dystopian Blending Time series. Picking up where the previous novel ended, seventeen-year-old blenders D’Shay, Jaym, Reya, and the rest of the New Sun members are coordinating their final attacks to take back Wananelu, the capital of Chewena, from GlobeTran’s control. D’Shay, Jaym, and Reya are also given dangerous personal missions to carry out and must overcome their past traumas to do so. Jaym has still not fully recovered from the horrific death of his blender match, Reya must face guards similar to the ones who abused her in captivity, and D’Shay continues to prove his worth to a native girl he loves.
As with the other two books, each chapter begins with an epigraph, a nice touch that gives readers more details about 2070 Africa. One of the strongest aspects of the book is the vivid descriptions of Africa, which is probably attributed to the author having lived and taught there. The series will appeal to teens who like war stories or fast-paced and plot-driven dystopias. With well-written and believable action sequences and a suspenseful build-up leading to a hopeful conclusion, The Rebels of New SUN delivers a satisfying ending for readers.”.—Marissa Wolf.

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