When Boyfriend Meets Parents: Tips from a Parent

by Michael Kinch on June 15, 2012

Here are some tips for you guys when you meet your  girl’s parents. ( Only necessary if you don’t give a rip what the parents think about you).  Girls; get your boyfriends to consider these.

1) Offer the parents a handshake– don’t just stand there and say, “Hey!”

2) Don’t wear your baseball cap backwards, or rapper-sideways.

3) If invited to dinner, take the damn cap off–especially in a restaurant.

4) Turn off the cell phone in their presence.

5) Don’t text in their presence.

6) Don’t stare the the mother’s boobs, even if she’s showing them off.

7) Try to avoid too many “likes.”  e.g., “I, like, play soccer, and, like, hope to . . . ”

8 ) Keep your hands off your girlfriend’s butt around the parents.

9) Make eye contact (no boob glances, even if it’s painful).

10) Don’t talk about yourself full time. Ask about parents jobs, interest, etc. Pretend to be interested.

11) If you must chew gum, don’t snap it when the dad is saying something impressive.

That’s it!  Follow these simple rules and your girl’s parents will love you.


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