Love Triangles vs Star-Crossed Lovers

by Michael Kinch on April 4, 2012

In a recent dystopia discussion on Twitter, people brought up the love triangle in The Hunger Games involving Katniss and her two guys. Some liked the triangle concept, others, um, not so much.

In my own dystopias (THE BLENDING TIME; THE FIRES OF NEW SUN; and the forthcoming THE REBELS OF NEW SUN) I prefer the star-crossed lovers approach. The “stars” are not aligned in my heroes’ favors. They must struggle to overcome differences in race, cultures, and values. To me overcoming those elements is a far more interesting subtext than which-boy-finally-gets-the-girl. In theĀ  Hunger Games trilogy, that triangle never really seemed resolved– maybe the author wanted the reader to decide who Katniss would choose.

Any thoughts, dear readers?

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